Revolutionary Voice Mapping Technology
Perception Reframing!

Everything about “you” is stored in your voice. It takes every part of the body to create voice. With the use of Evox, perception reframing more quickly increases shifts in long held beliefs, traumas and patterns.

How EVOX Perception Reframing works

The EVOX creates a visual map of a client’s perception about a specific topic such as health, relationships, work, athletic performance, or any aspect of life they would like to improve.

The clients speaks about this topic and the EVOX records the energy of the voice. The voice energy is plotted into a Perception Index, which gives the client a visual image of their perception.

After voice energy is plotted, the client then meditates on the topic until their perception of the topic shifts.

Change your perceptions,
change your life

In the EVOX, a static perception can be reflected when speaking about a single topic multiple times that results in a Perception Index that is the same or similar. With the assistance of the EVOX system, it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality, and can be used to improve any aspect of life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and performance.


Chances are that a person has a specific area in life that’s giving them trouble. Whatever this area is, the Single-Topic chart is capable of addressing it in a very powerful way. After going through the perception reframing process, the body’s subconscious will absorb the information and a shift will eventually occur regarding that topic. The expanded perception can then lead to improvements in that area.


Did you know that many believe that our perceptions are inherited from our ancestors? Like most other perceptions, these transgenerational perceptions may be deeply embedded in our subconscious. While many of these perceptions serve an important purpose, some are less desirable and can create barriers to wellness. The Transgenerational Chart addresses the perceptions that may be creating these barriers.


Researchers have discovered that specific emotions correlate to specific frequencies within the voice. Voice mapping is the process of recording the energetic frequencies in the voice while an individual is discus