We are very excited to offer both in office High Performance Neurofeedback using the Neurogen system and Remote Neurofeedback using the Myndlift system!

In today’s fast paced and ever changing world it is necessary to meet the increasing demand for convenience. Mental health should be our top priority! Advancements in technology now allow us to meet those needs!

  • Connect with Myndlift App technology
  • Brain training for 2 or more months
  • Full brain assessment
  • Unlimited personalized training based on neurofeedback
  • Regular remote checkups and program adjustments
  • Option to train at home or in clinic
  • Save $ while having multiple sessions at home! (The muse headset is not included )


Ideally we prefer clients to come into the office if possible at least once prior to regular remote neurofeedback sessions. We recommend that those in the Los Angeles area continue to come to the office for sessions with the Neurogen High Performance Neurofeedback system and use the Myndlift remote option in between sessions.

For weekly in office clients the remote Myndlift system is a great way to receive sessions several times per week in your home for one monthly cost. This will greatly support your weekly office sessions. It also allows for regular assessments/QEEG. for a review of  areas of the brain that continue to be enhanced or may still require more focus. Its a win win option for anyone. If you are unable to come in on rainy days  having the Myndlift platform allows you to  receive neurofeedback sessions in your home at your convenience.

Where ever you are in the world we can continue tp work with you even when traveling!


  • Access software from your portable device
  • Clinician structured, multiple remote neurofeedback sessions on your own time from the comfort of your home
  • Biweekly 30 minute Zoom meeting with your Neuroradical clinician
  • QEEG assessment review – review areas of improvements and areas requiring additional focus as shown in brain mapping assessment

Muse headset not included (must be purchased separately)

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We begin with a Clinical assessment. The assessment establishes a baseline from witch to format the best approach to be applied in brain training. In the Myndlift App the assessment is a guided program that allows the client to answer symptom-related questions and then perform a series of EEG and behavioral measurements.

The assessment is required of all new clients in moving forward.

The results will be reviewed and an organized report is created. This will assist in optimizing the brain training going forward. Clients will be able to review these results as well.

A neurofeedback protocol will be established for each client to be applied remotely as recommended in multiple sessions per week or as discussed. These protocols will change according to occasional reviews of QEEG reports or based on the improvements being experienced by each client.

Brain activity

Electrical signals generated in the brain can reflect your current mental state. We use EEG to measure this brain activity in real time.

Brainwave decomposition

Myndlift separates the raw brain activity into distinct brainwaves that may be associated with a particular mental state. For example, alpha brainwaves usually signify a relaxed state.

Personalized training

After an assessment, your Neuro Coach will create an individualized plan with a custom neurofeedback protocol given your current mental state and goals. For example: up-training alpha and down-training high beta.

Mental training

Train your brain by playing specialized games or watching videos. When your brainwaves are in the target range, you will advance in the game or have a crisper viewing experience. This real-time monitoring and rewarding is known as operant conditioning.

Practice makes perfect

By training consistently over time, operant conditioning can retrain your brain activity, optimizing your mental state, with implications for improved focus, reduced anxiety and more.

After Myndlift

We work with the Muse EEG brain-training headband and an electrode for flexible sensing to offer neurofeedback training anywhere, anytime, with remote professional supervision.


  • It’s easy!
  • Contact us to discuss pricing and additional details
  • Requirements: Muse headset and computer or portable device
  • Download the Myndlift App
  • Enter the code K B R T H K B (you will be connected to Neuroradical in the Myndlift App)
  • Fill in the requested information and Neuroradical LLC will be notified of your registration
  • We will follow up with you then

Sonia Barrett PhD, CP