You are saving my life Sonia, you cannot imagine the washed out bridges your service has repaired and got me through each day! Your commitment is unyielding to negative thoughts! Bless you!

Earl Knutdson

That brain balancing is the TRUTH!!! – With the Neurofeedback therapy, I have put away my psilocybin micro dosing routine for now…it’s not needed. I notice I am more engaging in social settings. I am still experiencing an overall wellness, calm and completeness from when I first received my second treatment. Thanks for introducing me to this very effective Neurotherapy.

Basira B, Los Angeles, CA

Brain change is possible now! Sonia Barrett, the brain change lady, has the Neurogen Neurofeedback machine that can help heal everything from trauma to depression to ADD and more physiological issues.  I noticed a major difference in my anxiety and insomnia levels in just one treatment and highly recommend you try it yourself. 

Lora Cane

The neurofeedback I had was great I notice that the mind chatter that I would get when I woke had stopped. I’ve also notice how my memory has improved and I have a sense of calmness and happiness.

Natasha Andersen, FL

After having my first Neurofeedback brain balancing with Sonia Barrett (which made it my third session) this is what I experienced: There was definitely a feeling of happiness and a sense of wellbeing. The day after while driving home, I experienced a very subtle shift and I immediately opened and closed my fingers and all stiffness/pain was gone. Also, I had a dream that I remembered all of upon awaking. I loved the experience.

Barbara Love, CA

I have had memory issues for many years now. Just seemingly forgetting small and sometimes even big important things. It became the going joke in my family that mom doesn’t remember. After being a person all of my life known for her informativeness this was a bit concerning. Well after receiving neurofeedback from Sonia I’m so amazed at the immediate difference in my ability to remember things. I don’t even have missing words. It’s like my brain was turned back on again. I’m excited to see what other helpful things occurs as a result of this wonderful experience.

Angel Thomas, CA

Throughout my life I have had issues with Anxiety which caused irregular sleep patterns. There have been times where I would go days without sleep, or when I did sleep, I was not rested. Since My treatment my anxiety has calmed down. After my first anxiety and sleep treatment, I was able to sleep, and I was rested when I woke… It has now been a month and am still having amazing sleep. I am so grateful to Sonia and the Neurofeedback therapy she provided me.

Otilia Thornhill

Since beginning Neurofeedback treatments the PTSD symptoms I have experienced have successively become less of an interference in my daily life. My memory and focus is improving, I have less displaced anxiety, and I am less reactive to adverse situations that arise. I will continue with Neurofeedback treatments on my quest to achieve balance between my mind, body and soul.

Melanie Reynolds, CA

For many years I often times found myself feeling less than ideal which then caused my optimism and excitement for life dwindle with each passing day. I knew something was ‘off’ with me except that it was inexplicable. I’ve exhausted many resources over the last few years in an attempt to correct my situation, to sort of get my ‘happy’ back. I felt myself making mild to moderate progress along the way but I knew in my gut that this wasn’t good enough or sufficient.

On my path to recovery from this brain fog of sorts, a very knowledgeable friend of mine turned me on to neurofeedback. Feeling helpless at the time, I decided to do some research and finally, give it a shot. Besides, what did I have to lose besides time and money? I didn’t care really, I just wanted to try anything to feel better. I was skeptical of the benefits/effects of neurofeedback at first because on the surface it seemed like a bunch of hocus pocus quackery, but the more I did my research, the more it made sense.

Thankfully, this one reputable neurofeedback clinic finally managed to branch out and open a location in the San Fernando Valley which was quite convenient since I am local to the area.
I remember going in on my first day an anxious and depressed mess but it didn’t matter at all because I was in excellent hands thanks to Dr. Sonia Barrett. Sonia is an extremely patient and very intelligent person who recognized my less-than-ideal situation and knew exactly what I required on my journey to feeling better. With her vast knowledge of neurofeedback, and the human brain in general, she helped me navigate out of this mental fog that had been a huge damper on me for years. Thanks to her care and kindness, I was able to make my breakthrough and for this I’ll forever be grateful to her.

What I find admirable about Sonia is that she encourages her clients to add on more holistic supplemental changes to their lifestyles to truly reap the benefits of the marvel that is neurofeedback. This, to me, cements the fact that she genuinely cares about the people that come to see her when they’re in desperate need of a positive change.
If you’re in need of help with your problems then I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sonia Barrett. Her sessions are always full of positive reinforcement, reinvigorating, exciting, and it leaves you wanting to come back for more.

Nick D, Los Angeles CA

I wanted to tell you that I feel a huge difference today in my mental clarity with all the things I need to do. As compared to over the weekend when I couldn’t get anything done. Thank you again.

Christina T, Los Angeles, CA (had just lost her husband)

Having the opportunity to access a Neurogen HPN/NeuroRadical session with Sonia is a true gift. I would like to share my experiences with you all.

At first hearing of the benefits of Neurogen HPN, I just could not wait to book my first session. I have had several now and even from the first session I feel myself coming back. I remember and feel and experience the me who is alert and remembers things and is enthused to do projects with the gusto and enthusiasm  To date I have received 10 sessions of HPN and continue to experience positive cognitive changes. I am experiencing familiar awareness that I had forgotten. The quality of my life has risen. Projects are exciting adventures to explore and tasks are things to look forward to finishing. My to do list each day is longer and so are the finished list of tasks… It’s like my brain is working with 20/20 vision. I look forward to more sessions to experience further awareness.

I’m a firm believer in preventative life style. This HPN is an essential integral part of following that path.

I didn’t realize how PTSD WAS EFFECTING my LIFE. PTSD is in our lives, not just military. We all are subject to its debilitating effects in our everyday lives. Some physical tasks were unbearable because of past traumas. Engaging certain people has a negative visceral effect that causes me to avoid them . These feelings have been subdued. 

My sessions with Sonia Barrett have surpassed  previous technicians.  Sonia Barrett has an inherent talent for seeing the relationship between the program and my needs.

Irene Bermingham

Greetings. I would like to give my input regarding the benefits of Neurofeedback therapy and specifically working with Sonia Barrett.

Right from the first treatment I noticed a general sense of clarity and positive energy that seemed to support my essence and allow me to move forward towards the things I was aiming for. Dr. Barrett not only utilizes the latest neurofeedback technology, in a gentle and efficient way, but adds her insights and coaching experience to make the sessions with her extremely valuable and effortless.

I feel fortunate to have connected with her and I am noticing that many of the challenges that I had been facing, in family, work and in general have seemed to ease and begun to work themselves out, and I can attribute some of the reason for this to my bi-weekly Neurofeedback sessions.

I feel I was stuck in thought patterns that even years of therapy, meditation and affirmations could not untangle, and the moments with her and the computer program that interacts with me has brought light so that new patterns of rational thinking and clarity have been generated.

I hope this technique will grow in applications and usage, and perhaps help the society at large emerge from the negative programs of history.

Gary 'Dov' Gertzweig

During the time that I was experiencing intense levels of lower back pains. I believe sciatica, from lifting wrong and many other physical activities. I was living with a long-time discomfort, working on a computer in a sitting position, didn’t help at all. My mood would be confrontational, and I had limitations within myself, that I didn’t know or understand. This is when I tried Neurogen HPN Neurofeedback. It was incredible. After the first time, I didn’t notice an extreme change, but later I really started making progress in every part of my body. I had done body balancing and brain balancing. I didn’t know until Sonia Barrett explained to me how the process works for the body. The pain that I had been living with for so long, all of a sudden started to dissipate. I had felt a feeling that was foreign to me like an invisible weight had been lifted. I felt unencumbered from a heaviness I didn’t know I had, I felt clearer, happier, and lighter. Neurofeedback had truly changed my life and helped me with all the relationships I had in it. I recommend this for everyone, because we all suffer from the trauma of some type, and this is one of many steps in allowing yourself to live mentally and emotionally free.

Cory Austin